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Timber Cabinet Doors

Standard Timber Doors

For timeless character and fashionability it is hard to go past the natural beauty of timber. It has been a popular choice for kitchen finishes for the last 100 years and you can be assured it will be for many more to come.

Arborline produce a vast range of doors in any number of exciting styles, using almost any timber currently available.

Arborline solid timber doors are manufactured using a combination of traditional craft techniques and modern technology and we pride ourselves on producing doors of the very highest quality.

In addition to our standard range, Arborline are renowned for producing customized doors to a client's design and specifications.A number of choices are available other than solid wood doors.

Arborline also produce frame only for glass, latticed doors and a timber frame with Melteca panel door which provides a ‘coloured’ option and is very popular.


A range of pelmets, cornice and mouldings are available to complement your door order or to add a timber flavour to your kitchen.

Any Timber

Arborline doors are made without nails or screws, to any size and from most popular quality timbers: Heart and Coloured Rimu, Tawa, Pine, American White Oak, Island Kauri, Macrocarpa, European Beech, Jarrah, American Cherry, Maple, Walnut, Sapele Mahogany.


Oven fronts, shelf units and chopping blocks are also available on request.

Timber Tops

To complement our range of timber doors and cabinetry, Arborline now produce a range of timber tops in a variety of native and exotic timbers. Bench and servery tops, bar tops and counters can all be manufactured to your specifications.

By utilising the latest technology we can accommodate almost any design. Curved, shaped and cutouts to any dimensions are possible with edges finished in a number of styles.

MUF Doors

Arborline also produce MUF doors by using several different methods.

A frame and panelled design is available in all the aforementioned timber styles.

Another option recently made available is a two piece design where the frame is routered from a single piece of MUF and a panel is fitted from the back. The use of CNC technology produces a perfectly flush panel fit and with a variety of panel options this is a very cost effective and increasingly popular alternative.

The third option is a one piece routered door in any of our 'Arborform' styles. (Refer to Arborform brochure).

Download the Arborline Timber Cabinet Doors Brochure Arborline Timber Cabinet Doors Brochure download PDF (2.3Mb)