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ARBORLASER Acrylic Colour Range

NB. This is to be used as a GUIDE ONLY.
See your designer for more details.

Colours may vary with different computer screen settings.

ARBORLASER Acrylic, available in single and double sided board

Acrylic Alabaster

Acrylic Arctic Ice

Acrylic Phantom Black

Acrylic Cloudy Grey

Acrylic Cream

Acrylic Lava

Acrylic Paris Grey

Acrylic Soft Grey

Acrylic Wild Cherry


ARBORLASER Acrylic, Metallic

Acrylic Anthracite Metallic

Acrylic Champagne Metallic

Acrylic New Pearl Metallic

Acrylic Onyx Metallic

Acrylic Silver Metallic