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2016 update

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

2016, thus far.......

The industry looks healthy and Arborline continues to break all previous production records.  There has been a noticeable increase in 1 off custom pieces like box ends and panels with profiles.  At Arborline we are always interested to hear how we can use our product to make your life easier.  Contact Max to discuss what we can do to help with your next project.

Arborline expanding

Arborline is now set up to supply the industry with laser edge melamine and laser edge acrylic called ARBORLASER.

After talking with numerous suppliers and manufacturers Arborline has found the best machine and the best product to supply New Zealand with the highest quality product available today. Currently we have 14 ARBORLASER acrylic colours which including double sided options for the whole range.  We also have a range of laser edge tape to compliment a select range of Melamine. 

Arborline goes digital

Online ordering is now live for ARBORLASER (laser edge) and ARBORMINE (PVC) to give instant quotes and ordering.  With the app' set up you will be able create quotes and orders, but it will also show you all historical quotes and orders as well as be able to print off job cards

Talk with your Arborline sales rep' to get set up


ARBORCRAFT (timber) has been flat out this year with some big jobs coming through.  This includes complete house load of doors as well as the usual custom made doors.  Current trends are favouring the rustic look with an increasing number of doors leaving us with a "band-saw" finish.


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