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Customised time management system installed

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Arborline has recently updated its time management system.  The goal was to create transparency and accuracy while keeping the use of the program as simple as possible.  Working with Integral, a New Zealand based IT company who already provide Arboline with all its job card, customer management and invoicing software, Arborline started the journey to design and build a customised system specific to its Arborform, cabinet and timber manufacturing needs. 

Key objectives were:

  • A simple system for staff to clock into jobs.
  • The ability to print a range of reports based on productivity and delivery information.
  • The ability for Arborline to make changes and update information for themselves.
  • Automatic emails to customers with delivery details.
  • The ability to expand the software at a future date.

What has been created is a series of touch screen tablets where employees clock into a job using bar codes.  They are able to clock into multiple jobs, see the detail of the jobs, and even see how much time they have left so they can keep the job within budget.  Other information shown is a list of jobs ready to work on with urgent jobs highlighted.  Downtime is also controlled from the tablet so hours can be properly managed.

One of the highlights has been the floor supervisor tablet that can show information on jobs due for that day. this includes the ability to drill down into each job and see who has been active and when it was clocked into as well as the ability to add comments to a job that can be seen in the office, for example “at the painters”.

There is now an array of reports including productivity reports on individual jobs and individual employees, reports on jobs dispatched, and overall reports that show how the factory has performed on any given date range.  Payroll has also been included with reports on clock-in/ out and lunch breaks. 

In the office information is clear and easy to access.  Progress of a job and any potential issues are simple and easy to understand.  Customers are able to ring up and be given accurate information on their jobs progress.  The ability to edit information is simple, clear and quick.  Customised emails are automatically generated and sent to customers when jobs are completed with tracking numbers, the customer order numbers and a copy of the factory card attached.    

The project has been deemed a great success with all levels of management and staff included in the project.  Integral has created an amazing system that is simple, transparent, easy to use and easy to customise.  Staff find it easy to use, the office staff are able to get good clear information and management have a true and accurate view on the performance of the factory.

Future extensions are online ordering which will give instant quotes, show the progress of a customer’s job and show old jobs as far back as 1993.  This would be accessible on mobile devices such as a tablet or a phone for quotes and information on site.

If you have any question about this new system then call Peter Hemming on 07 847 8217


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